Waterside Choir


Run by Grammy-nominated producer and arranger Dave Cooke, and professional jazz singer and vocal coach Heather Simmons, Waterside Choir is about musical training in 4-part harmony-singing, and having fun with friends. The choir holds its own concerts, as well as entering festivals, and charity concerts.  


 Please join us...

​We welcome men and women who love to sing. We don't audition as we're an inclusive community choir. We provide practice CDs, sheet music, and work on vocal exercises, and confidence-building. Your first visit is free to see whether you think we're the kind of choir you want to join. Despite being a community choir we're not a sing-along choir, and aspire to professional arrangements. We take time to learn the songs and we believe they're well worth the wait!

"I have just joined the Waterside Choir and I have already heard some wonderful harmonies. I am very excited about being a part of this choir and what exciting singing opportunities may follow. They are a cool group of people and Dave and Heather are such excellent fun and brilliant musicians, writers, and arrangers....the list goes on!"

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